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What is Merseyside & Cheshire Blood Bikes all About?

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Like it or not, the NHS largely relies on taxis to transport medical essentials during the hours of 19:00 to 07:00, weekends and public holidays. Staggering but true!

Our objective is simple:

Blood Bike Merseyside Transport Fast Response

To relieve sickness and protect health by the provision of transport of urgently needed blood, human tissues and other medical requirements between NHS facilties.

Using specially adapted motorcycles we aim to assist local Health Authorities by providing fast, safe and efficient transport between hospitals / hospices, and other facilities.

Our services are provided by volunteers, who are qualified advanced motorcyclists (RoSPA, IAM or equivalent) and undergo regular reviews of their skills. They give up their time to serve the community and potentially save lives. They do this in the knowledge that they will probably never meet the beneficiary and that the same person will probably never know of the Blood Biker service nor that it played any part in their recovery.

We have come together at the start of 2012 to provide this service to Merseyside and surrounding areas, as their has up to now been a lack of coverage in this area by a blood bike group. We intend to supply a professional, reliable and readily available service to the NHS in Merseyside.

What can we Carry?


Blood for transfusion, platelets, or other blood products which must be supplied to us in the appropriate insulated packaging. Our bike is fitted with a rack so that we can take the largest insulated box with ease.

Blood, urine, or other tissue samples for analysis by pathology and microbiology laboratories, all of which are transported in accordance with regulation UN3373.

X-Rays, scans and CD-ROMs

Patient notes

Frozen breast milk

Any other medical items or small pieces of medical equipment such as syringes and cannulas. Remember we are on a motorcycle not in a Transit.



Blood bikes have been established in the UK for more than 40 years.

It all began on April 1st, 1969 in Stevenage, when a youth community action group named Freewheelers was established to encourage young bikers to use their riding skills to provide a fast and reliable transport service to local hospitals.

Now 40 years on we are establishing this group to continue this work. We are hard at work fundraising, we have a bike, but need to run it and organise the back-up. Help us to help you and donate to us.

Raising Our Profile as Motorcyclists

Some people have a negative opinion of motorcyclists. Whether this is because of impatient city-centre couriers, or scare stories about biker gangs, it is something that can unfortunately taint all motorcyclists.

All the groups promote good practice among their volunteer riders, who hold an advanced riding qualification to ride on a marked-up blood bike. High-visibility jackets and marked motorcycles mean our riders are very visible to the public when riding so it is essential that they behave with the utmost professionalism at all times.

People who see blood bike riders collecting money, or walking into a hospital ward are often amazed that the groups exist and walk away impressed with the work that they do. Slowly, person by person, we manage to change people's impressions of bikers. This isn't the groups' main reason for existing, but it is a happy side-effect of the work that we do.

Why Blood Bikes?

Blood Bikes have been a feature in the UK since 1969. In recent years the number of blood bike groups has grown significantly and there are now hundreds of motorcyclists who freely volunteer their time to the service.

People often ask why a blood bike service is needed and what is that we actually do. If you look at the aims of all the blood bike groups you will see some common themes:

Saving money for the NHS Saving lives

In addition to this the blood bike groups promote a positive image of motorcyclists to the public.