What is involved in being a rider?

Riders will be responsible for replying to any calls received between 18:00 and 06:00 for the period they are on duty.

This will be regardless of time, not feeling like it because its cold, wet and miserable, or it's the third call-out in a row. What's pleasant at 9 pm on a June evening is less pleasant at 5 am on a cold December morning.

So as you can see it may not be all sweetness and light, you will also still be expected to take part in fundraising events.

Still interested? OK then read on.


What are the requirements to become a rider?

  • As a minimum you need a Full (Unrestricted) motorcycle licence.
  • You need to have experience with riding bikes over 600cc
  • Less than 6 penalty points
  • No pending motoring convictions including Fixed Penalties
  • Our insurers insist on riders being 25 or over (but that doesn’t stop you helping out with fundraising or answering the phone as a despatcher)
  • You will need either a RoSPA Bronze or IAM pass (other qualifications will be considered on an individual basis)
  • You will need to pass an assessment ride by our training staff
  • You will be re-assessed at least every year



What can you expect from us?

You may be able use one of our marked up and equipped motorcycles.

All our bikes have blue lights – we want to make sure that you know how these work and when you are allowed to use them.

You will be handling items that are considered “hazardous”. We will explain how this works and make sure you understand the requirements

You will be shown the various systems such as Sat Nav etc. so as to make it easier to familiarise if its a different system to your own.

Why do I have to be re-assessed - I've passed an advanced qualification?

We do appreciate that you have passed a test, but we want to see how you ride after the examination.

It may have been some time since you took your test, so we may be able to help develop your riding ability further.

We want to make sure that you are confident in handling our bike. It is quite different riding a marked up bike – other motorists react in a different manner to a marked bike

If you need an advanced qualification contact us and we will advise you as to the appropriate training body that is approved by Merseyside & Cheshire Blood Bikes.

What will we expect from you?

Riders are expected to behave professionaly and be responsible and courteous to other road users.

Riders must wear a custom made Hi Vis jacket with an ID tag plus suitable safety clothing and helmet

Still interested in becoming a Blood Bike rider?

That's great, we need keen and committed riders, please follow the link to our application form.