Why Do we need your sponsorship?

To recap,like it or not, the NHS largely relies on taxis to transport medical essentials during the hours of 18:00 to 08:00, weekends and public holidays. We intend to provide a professional and reliable service to help the NHS help others save lives

Towards this aim a few key points of our service are:

  • Our service is free at every point of contact
  • Our costs are lower than profit making schemes so we offer more for less
  • Our staff are all volunteers, no-one receives a single penny for their efforts
  • Our riders all hold a RoSPA or IAM or similar Advanced Motorcycle qualification
  • All riders’ standards are assessed annually
  • Riders can be trained in Emergency Response
  • You, your relatives, your friends, your colleagues may need us tomorrow.



What can we do for You

Depending on your level of support we offer:

  • Endorsement of your product or service
  • Company branding on our motorcycles, promotional literature
  • Click through banners on our website, driving business to you.
  • PR pieces on local and national media
  • Recognised community support
  • We plan attend many events throughout the year reaching as many people as possible
    We would be pleased to provide you with a breakdown of the events we are attending this year on request.


What you can do for us

  • We are always looking for volunteers; riders, coordinators, fundraisers.
  • We can use your expertise, financial aid or products.
  • We have an Ebay charity account so even if we can’t directly use your product we can use it to generate cash.We need around £10,000 per annum to run the service and we estimate that this saves the NHS some £100,000.

Annual costs to run the service

  • £300 pays for fuel for one motorcycle for one month
  • £400 pays for one motorcycle’s annual insurance premium
  • £600 pays for our liability insurance for a year
  • £1,000 pays for six months depreciation for one motorcycle
  • £2,000 pays for our motorcycle servicing costs for one year
  • £7,000 enables us to buy a new motorcycle
  • £7,500 enables to fully run one motorcycle for one year.