Join Us

We are looking for volunteers to help with the setting up and continued running of the service.

If you can spare a little of your time then we would like you to join the group.

We need the following Volunteers:

    • Fund Raisers - We cannot function without funds!
    • Event Organisers - Can you organise an event?
    • Despatchers - A very important team member!


  • Riders - The spearheads of the group
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Event Organisers
We are looking for volunteers who have ideas, experience and the ability to organise fundraising events.

If you have any ideas for an event that would raise funds and are able to organise it, that is exactly what we are looking for. The rest of the group would help if required.

If you already organise an event and would like to donate to our group this would be greatly appreciated, we would help with promotion etc.

This is the person that takes the calls from the Hospitals and tells the rider where to go and can be very rewarding.

You do this from the comfort of your own home.

You need to be able to take calls at all hours and maybe throughout the night.

You then look after the rider on shift and control where they go and when as well as looking after their welfare.

Fundraising is perhaps the most important thing that we do.
From shaking a tin to visiting big
business to ask for sponsorship.
At £5,000 to run a bike for a year
the fundraising never stops, can you help us help you?

Consequently fund raising is a fundamental activity for all volunteers. We need every penny we can raise and you help the group by assisting in raising the funds which will enable us to keep our bikes on the road.